5 Useful Gift Ideas For Kids This Lockdown

Academically and socially, kids need new experiences. If they don’t have time for field trips during lockdowns, you can provide the next best thing: stimulating gift sets that will introduce them to new things.

These present ideas might be what they need to keep them busy when the going gets tough.

#1 – Rocket Kit

Coax your child’s inner architect with a set of NASA-inspired rocket building gift boxes. Wanna know what’s really cool? When you let your kids build the rockets and test-fire them on the playroom floor, you’ll have a whole new appreciation for NASA.

#2 – Artisan Kit

Does your child love to decorate cakes and other items with frosting? Then, take a break from being mom or dad and let him do it by himself with a gift set of art supplies. This set is perfect for budding artists, as it gives them tools that they can use again and again.

#3 – Gravity-Defying Egg

Uncover the secrets of why things fall down with a set of Galileo-designed egg experiments.

#3 – Magnetic Building Set

Help your child build a structure that will defy gravity with a gift set of metal building blocks. With these, your child will be able to build a structure with pieces that stick together using magnets.

#4 – Kid-friendly paints and easel

Help your aspiring artist express herself! Paint like Picasso on canvas. Developing their creative skill will serve them well later in life, whether they’re interested in becoming a superstar artist or not.

#5 – Lego Table

Your child will be able to build a table that can withstand constant brawling with his Lego bricks with this gift set. Your child can create a table that will withstand all forms of destruction. Or let your child use the table for his room’s décor, which is a great way for boys to express themselves too.

#6 – Light-Up Ball

Get your child up and dancing with a lightup ball. It’s like a beach ball that you can play in the living room, but it lights up and changes colours to the beat of the music. This will be fun for your kids on those long lockdown nights.

These toys are for kids aged 8-12 years old.

#7 – Scratch Paper

Let their imagination run wild by giving them a scratch paper that can be used for drawing, colouring, writing and even experiments. It’s reusable, too. Your child can use it over and over again without ever running out of paper. Now tell us, who wouldn’t love that?

#8 – Healthy Snacks

Most kids these days love snacks. It is important to give them a healthy gift box to keep them on the right track for nutrition. So why not get your kids involved in that? Sneak in some vegetables and fruits by making snacks that look like their favourite foods but with healthier ingredients inside.

There are many different ways to keep kids busy and entertained during lockdowns. The most important thing is to make sure that the gift sets you give them are age-appropriate for your children.