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All You Need To Know About Nipple Piercings

People get all sorts of piercings, and if you want to get your nipples pierced, you will be surprised to know that it is rather a popular choice. Both men and women get nipple piercings, and you can try all sorts of jewelry once the area has healed. Many piercing stores even have specific nipple jewelry sets, which are fun and super quirky. That said, here are some things to know about nipple piercings.

Does it hurt?

While every person may have his/her unique threshold for pain, nipple piercings do hurt. That’s because nipples are full of nerve endings. If you are stressed out, or just tired, you may feel more pain. This is the precise reason why many piercing artists ask their clients to come after adequate rest.

How long does it take to heel?

Generally, nipple piercings take much longer to heal compared to an earlobe piercing, or even navel piercing. In most cases, expect the time required to be anywhere between four and six months, while some people may need more time. There are cases when nipple piercing has been rejected by the body, and the piece of jewelry must be removed, so that an infection doesn’t occur. Make sure that you select the right clinic for your nipple piercing, where a professional artist takes on the task, so there are minimal risks related to infections.

Aftercare is important

Following the nipple piercing, your artist will give a list of dos and don’ts that must be followed. Keep in mind that your nipples are very sensitive, so you must only use the products that they have recommended. For the first few weeks, avoid all sorts of activities that may further irritate the area, so hot bath or sauna is out of the question. Ask your artist about the next check on the nipple, and in between the two appointments, don’t try to remove the jewelry, because the piercing can close rather quick and you don’t want to risk infection.

Jewelry and more

As for the jewelry, avoid any product that contains nickel for nipple piercing. Instead, go for gold or surgical grade steel. Other common choices include titanium and platinum. If you are pregnant, trying to get pregnant or breastfeeding, do not consider this time for piercing your nipples. Your body’s immune system can act in weird ways. Visit a good studio to know more on the various aspects that may matter for your expectations.