Everything To Know About Numbing Spray

A tattoo is one of the most desired activities on everyone’s bucket list. But not many can make it because of the needle pain. However, now you can get numbing agents for tattoos like numbing spray for skin, numbing cream for skin, and even numbing ointments. The numbing spray works as efficiently as its alternatives. You can go for it if you want more convenience and less hassle during the application.

We will cover everything about numbing sprays in our article. So, what is a numbing spray? A numbing spray is a solution in the spray bottle used to numb the skin before any painful procedure. You can use it before tattoo making, minor cosmetic procedures, piercing, waxing, microabrasion, etc. They are made with chemicals that affect the nerve and stop it from sending signals to the brain. But are these numbing sprays effective or not? Yes, they work efficiently to reduce pain during painful procedures. However, their absorption is limited to the topical level of the skin, which means you may feel some pain.

Feeling a little pain is better than feeling all the pain of the needles. So, using a numbing spray is worth it.

What are the active ingredients in a numbing spray?

A numbing spray is made by combining several numbing agents like nerve blockers, nerve deadeners, and vasoconstrictors. Each of these chemicals has only one purpose, i.e., they block the nerve from signaling the brain. Lidocaine is the most common numbing agent used in the numbing spray. You can see the percentage of the Lidocaine used in different brands to get the safest numbing spray. Remember that a concentration greater than equal to 7 percent of Lidocaine is unsafe to use on the skin.

Other numbing agents like Tetracaine and Benzocaine work together with Lidocaine. However, all these chemicals do not numb the pain by 100 percent. But they lessen the pain to a bearable level so that you can get your tattoo or pierce with little discomfort.

How to use it?

First, you need to clean the area of the skin on which you want to put a tattoo. After cleaning the dirt and oil, you can apply the numbing spray directly to the skin. Wait for some time for the solution to get absorbed into the skin. You can also wrap it with a plastic wrap to enhance the long-lasting effect of the numbing spray. Wait for at least thirty to forty minutes before unwrapping the plastic, or wait until your tattoo artist instructs. Now, you are ready for your tattoo procedure. The tattoo artist may reapply the numbing spray if needed to numb away the pain.

Does numbing spray have side effects? Yes, they do have some mild side effects. Some of the side effects include rashes, redness, and irritation. But if you are facing dizziness, severe burning, swelling of the face and the affected tattoo area, or skin turning blue, you should consult a doctor and stop using the numbing spray.