Four Reasons to Commit to Ethical Fashion

These days, more and more consumers and brands are adopting ethical fashion. Prominent celebrities collaborate with fashion houses and big high street brands to create ethical collections. However, all the kinds of hype around ethical fashion can make it easy to lose sight of the real meaning of this movement. If you haven’t supported ethical fashion, below are some reasons to commit to this movement:

Environmental Sustainability

Fashion can cause significant damage to the environment. It can be from how raw materials are sourced and woven, the treatments, and dyes used on them and other manufacturing elements. For instance, traditional cotton crops use pesticides, finishing aids such as formaldehyde and fertilizers which can damage the soil and the crops’ longevity. Meanwhile, organic cotton farms don’t use these chemicals and focus more on farming methods such as crop rotation to produce quality cotton that promotes environmental sustainability. Ethical fashion brands tend to spend more time thinking about the kinds of dyes and printing methods to utilize based on environmental impacts, impacts on workers, and impacts for customers. Check out Fibertech for some awesome sustainable options.

Local Fashion Support

By going out and getting clothes from a local designer who creates their own items or shopping from a brand that outlines its processes, you can support the country’s fashion and ethical fashion industries. This could help see the growth of these businesses that will mean increased choices in the future.

Global Fashion Change

The movement towards more sustainable and caring fashion processes is obviously here to stay. But, the impact of ethical fashion depends on the number of companies that commit to these standards. On a global scale, the fashion industry is worth bills of dollars. However, the way it has been built has caused serious damage to the environment and the people involved. It is important for brands to realize that ethical fashion has real consumers to create a significant change.


Because of people’s access to boutique ethical fashion brands, they will purchase ethical fashion items that are less likely to be worn by others. These items are more unique. Thus, supporting ethical fashion lets you have more individuality through what you prefer to purchase and wear. This can give you more power to create your own fashion identity ethically. Ethical fashion can be a great way to set trends and stand out from the rest. Moreover, you can request customized fashion items directly from designers because of the existence of many ethical fashion brands.