Here’s Everything You Need to Know about Dahlia or Joker Piercing

This piercing was named after Black Dahlia. This piercing offers an edgy aesthetic as per the name suggests. This is also called Joker piercing where the corners of the mouth are pierced. This piercing makes you look attractive for those who want to draw attention to the lips. When seeking a piercing that doesn’t have to compete for attention, go for Dahlia. This article tells you more about Dahlia Piercing.

How much does it hurt?

As the skin at the edge of the mouth is sensitive, but Dahlia piercings make it less on the pain scale as compared to other lip piercing types. As it is double piercing, you need to suffer the needle twice so if you have low pain tolerance when it comes to needle, you need to wait for a week in between piercings.

Healing process

The healing time may vary greatly as you can expect around 12 to 20 weeks for healing. Sometimes it may take even longer. The discrepancy of healing times depends on the aftercare practices. Just like cheek piercing, it attracts more food debris and other harmful things in your mouth. Ensure that you are cleaning your piercings many times in a day inside and out for keeping them free from harmful substances.

Aftercare rules and practices

  • Do a sea soak at least twice or thrice a day and rinse your mouth with salt water

When it comes to dahlia piercing, the location is where you do the most of your chewing and due to this food can easily slip into the piercing which is healing. For taking out the debris, you need to sea salt soak at least twice or thrice a day. After you are done eating, gargle salt water for cleaning the backside of your piercing. Never use mouthwash for the same.

  • When you chew, be careful

The unique spot of the Dahlia piercing also states that the jewelry would be easy to chomp upon. This could cause broken teeth and you may also end up tugging at the piercing which would lead to piercing rejection. In the begging of healing, you can eat soft food for getting used to the jewelry.

  • Have good oral hygiene

Never be afraid to carry a travel toothbrush for brushing your teeth in between meals. As bacteria can grow quickly, always give your piercing a good cleaning.