Read this First before Getting a Tongue Piercing

Getting a body piercing can be an easy to way to change your style. A tongue piercing has become a famous option for people who love body modifications. A lot of people think that this kind of piercing looks sexy and can improve their sexuality. If you are new to tongue piercings, it’s important to know some things to avoid consequences that can result from this complex process.  You must know that a tongue piercing is not for everyone. The success of this piercing usually depends on your tongue’s vein length and positioning.

Who Can’t Get a Tongue Piercing

Usually, a tongue piercing is not ideal for people with small tongues or those who can’t stick their tongue out very far. Also, who have veins in wrong places cannot get this piercing. Veins located in the center of the tongue makes it hard to pierce the tongue without harming the veins. People who are suffering from health conditions such as nerve problems, paralysis, and others cannot have a tongue piercing as well. Usually, people who are 16 years old and younger are not allowed to get this piercing.

What to Keep In Mind Before Getting the Piercing Done

Some people think that a pierced tongue can get infected very easily. But, the fact is that proper aftercare makes infection very unlikely. Eating and drinking also cannot cause an infection to the pierced tongue. But, kissing soon after getting the piercing done is not recommended as it can lead to infection. The piercing needs time to settle. Make sure to consult your piercer about aftercare measures.

Moreover, tongue piercings are not complicated to get. Although the process can be painful, it should be bearable enough. Some piercers prefer to pierce from the top down or from the bottom up. However, what matters is that the tongue is pierced carefully and correctly. You may feel a bit of pressure, particularly when the piercing is done near the tongue’s back with fewer nerve endings. The following day, you can expect to have a sore and swollen tongue but you can easily deal with this with ice.

The Piercing Process

To pierce your tongue, the piercer will use a big needle. The piercer will use an extra long barbell your tongue will be pierced with since the tongue will swell up a bit. You must replace this barbell with a shorter one after your tongue has healed. A longer barbell makes it easy for you to accidentally chew one of the balls while you eat or talk.