The Best Guide to Sporting a Vintage Fashion Style

Achieving a chic vintage fashion style includes adding the right amount of old and modern basics and trends. Despite the charm in vintage, wearing too much of it can break your look unless you want to sport a complete vintage look. Whether or not you want to sport a 1930s fashion style or an older fashion, you might be wondering how to pull it off. The guide below can help you:

Knowing the Basics

A basic wardrobe statement is a simple and versatile piece that you can wear to downplay or balance out a print dress. You can mix basic vintage pieces together and drizzle it with some modern accessories like a statement clutch purse and platform sandals. But, if you want to mix modern basics and vintage accessories, go for a basic white shirt dress and pair with unique vintage accessories like round tortoise sunglasses, a pair of lime green pumps, and a floral handbag.

Wearing Vintage Pieces as a Focal Point

Vintage pieces that are a little flashy can be worn to create a fashion statement by letting them shine as the outfit’s focal point. It is important to complement it with either vintage or modern basics. To achieve the best look, highlight a dress by adding basic wardrobe essentials like gold or silver jewellery and solid coloured pumps like black wedge shoes. If you want to update the silhouette, add a basic belt. If you want an improved vintage look, wear in contemporary pieces such as platform booties, an oversized sweater, or a statement bracelet.

Wearing Vintage Clothing to Style an Outfit

Wearing vintage clothing with style is about mixing it right so you do not look like you wearing a costume. Keep your outfit balanced with half vintage and half modern plus basic modern pieces. Thus, if you prefer to wear a vintage top, try to balance it out with a pair of modern pants or a skirt. If you decide to wear a vintage dress, pair it with modern high-heeled sandals.

Knowing What is Typical Vintage

The majority of fashion today is inspired by the past. In fact, even the 1940s fashion can be an inspiration for modern fashion. That is why you can easily find new clothes which look vintage, especially tops and the platform shoes available in stores today. But, if you are buying vintage on a budget, purchase real vintage pieces since vintage fashion is more affordable and unique.