Things that make the cremation diamond a powerful tool or the grief process 

Various things make cremation diamonds to be powerful tools in the process of grief. The following are some of the most important points to note:

It is a reminder of the person whom you loved

Grief and loss are not bettered by the total removal of the person whom you love. The truth is completely the opposite. Daily, small reminders of the person, the relationship you had, the way they get to be loved and encouraged by them are quite helpful to enable you to face the daily minutiae including the cycles of grief that occur throughout the year.

The following are the reasons why cremation diamonds might be the best as a reminder: 

  • You will have your loved ones physically with you, given their hair or ashes have diamonds catch, and whether you are going to wear it on your finger in form of a ring or on your neck as a necklace, there are going to be times when the light catches it just so and it will catch your light, that is used in creating the diamond which you are wearing.
  • From the initial step of the journey, you will take action and step in honoring the life of those you loved, which tends to deepen the ties which you have with them.
  • They will be back with you again, a small memory moment from the person who made you be who you are.

It might be passed down from one generation to the next

According to studies, most urns get thrown with the next generation. The grandchildren can have a feeling that the ashes of their grandmother which is in the urn is weird and creepy and thus, not able to remember much regarding her other than the feelings of having to look at the urn.

The cremation diamonds will not be thrown away. They are passed down from one generation to the next as stories about the person whom they were created from is passed and why they got honored with a diamond.

In most instances, each person tends to lose the history of their family. The memorial diamonds can be a way of ensuring that the narrative, history, and legacy aren’t lost any time soon.

The journey of a cremation diamond is a journey that is grief changing

Over 7 months to 11 months, you are going to receive the cremation diamonds. But so much will happen before then. The creation of the cremation diamond journey is very important and there are so many milestones as well as updates that happen which can start to help you in changing your relationship with your grief and give your family and friends additional opportunities to be a part of your grief journey.

  • From the time you send in your ashes, you get to be updated once a month with videos and pictures of the ashes of your loved ones being purified and then placed into a diamond growth cell in a laboratory by scientists.
  • You will be able to see the name of your loved ones on the paperwork and in the videos because each person on their journey gets to learn about who your loved ones were and what made them quite special to you.

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