Why Casio G-Shock Matters In The World Of Watches

Casio is in no doubt one of the biggest watchmakers all around the world. Founded in the year 1947 in Japan, the company has seen many ups and downs to get where it is now. Now, almost every country in the world has a casio shop or at least sells their products such as the presence of Casio around the world. Throughout history, Casio has managed to make some of the most iconic watches there are, but of the greats in that department is the g shock series.

G shock series

The first g shock singapore watch was made in 1983. Its name was Casio DW- 5000C, designed by an engineer working for Casio whose name was Kiko. The name g shock comes from the idea the watch would be able to sustain itself from the various shocks that can damage various other watches. one of the main reasons g shocks are so popular is that they have ten years of battery life and can manage to work even in the depth of 10 bars.


So in a nutshell, if a person likes to travel and love to do outdoor activity, g shock singapore is a perfect choice.