Why Consider Micro Needling as a Preventive Skincare Solution?

Are you looking for an adequate answer to common skin problems such as pimple scars, age lines and stretch marks? If so, then you have probably heard about skin needling and how it is said to be the answer to the latter. However, is that indeed the case? Upon hearing about the benefits of micro needling, many are bent on exploring the latter as a preventive skincare solution. If you are reading this, then you are probably looking to do the same.

Now ageing can be very hard on one’s skin especially when you reach the age of 30 which is about the time people start paying attention to preventive skin care. While it is impossible to reverse time, there are solutions that you can look into today to mitigate and reduce the effects of skin ageing. One such answer is skin needling. 

What does micro needling do to your skin?

Before you use a skin pen to remove scars or whatever skin problem you might be struggling with, it is a good idea to learn what you can about what it does to your skin.

Simply put, skin needling works by taking advantage of the skin’s healing ability following an injury. One might describe the process as a regulated method for creating hundreds of tiny injuries on the surface to trigger a healing response. Such responses include among other things, increased collagen production which is why people in the medical community refer to the treatment as “Collagen Induction Therapy.”

When you use a Dermapen 4 for skin needling or any other skin needling device, you create hundreds of micro-sized injuries on your skin which in turn, spurs the creation of new skin. This is how skin needling ultimately reduces the presence of scars, wrinkles, age lines and stretch marks.

Another great thing about skin needling is that unlike most other skin resurfacing treatments, it does not require any significant downtime. In this regard, many patients report their experience as somewhat similar to visiting a hair salon. They can just come in for the services they need and then go about their day. 

How effective is skin needling?

Quite capable and the science behind it has all been verified since the 1900s. If you ask people who have had the work done, then they are likely to commend the treatment for satisfactory results although some might describe the treatment as unpleasant depending on one’s tolerance for pain. In any case, if you have tried just about everything else to get rid of acne scars and frown lines with no results, then skin needling is an option well worth considering.

The idea of pressing and rolling hundreds of needles on your skin might seem like a terrible idea, but as you may have already realised, it is a sensible solution to the problem at hand. It is the better and more natural solution to say, pumping your skin with so-called miracle creams with all sort of chemical ingredients that might do more harm than good.