5 Types of Jewelry Commonly which were Commonly Worn by the Vikings

Nowadays, there had been a thriving interest among people when it comes to exploring the Vikings and ancient Scandinavian culture on the web. This awareness has sparked an interest in the minute metalwork of Vikings which includes their weaponry and jewelry as well. The discovery of such intricate metalwork is still in progress in the UK and other western European countries. Here are a few lesser known fact about Viking jewelry.

Gold ring

Although silver has been a part of the mix, but there were many Viking gold and bronze pieces found in Britain from the 9th to 12th century. Explorers may not be able to decipher the designs but there are surely some indicators or origin. The shield forms were mostly a tribute to the importance of Viking jewelry. The significance of Viking mythology and their religion was also reflected in the ancient jewelry. For instance, when it comes to the Sorcerer’s Amulet, it is shaped like a duck foot and was found at a woman’s grave who was once wealthy and had a great societal status. A wand and a few other items were also found. Hence, it was concluded that on the basis of the objects found in the grave, the woman was a seer or a sorcerer.

Silver ring

Viking jewelry was a pure indication of efficient design and ease of use. Most of the silver rings were heavy and had an overlapping coil design on the surface which is twisted and incised with a feather pattern. Rings were very common in the Viking culture, after bracelets.

Garment Brooch

Vikings also used brooches to hold their clothes in place and protect them from the hitting of swords during the wars.

Hoop earrings

Before the fabrication department could advance, the Vikings made weapons, tools, and armor that were very helpful when the time called for the same and also helped in accomplishing other tasks as well. Those very skills came in handy in the elaborate jewelry designs like gold hoop earrings and similar stuff like that. Other shapes that have been found in Vikings jewelry were crescents, hearts, and even axes.

Necklaces and neckrings

The necklaces in the Viking jewelry were created from number of materials, precious stones, glass beads, small metal charms and pieces, resin, and even amber. These necklaces had a string made of metal wire or natural fiber in number of lengths and sizes. You may also be surprised to know that Thor’s hammer necklace is still in fashion today.

Arm rings and arm bands

Arm rings or arm bands were also famously worn among the Vikings. These arm bands had dual purposes: as jewelry or money. Some bands were really intricately designed, from gold and silver which denoted a level of status. Some could be easily removed and others could be used after you melt it down. Spiral designed arm bands can commonly wrap around multiple times so as to make it easy to tear or bend a piece off and still have it intact on your arm. And other bands were long enough that could cover 90 percent of your arm. These bands were used more as a money in the bank and had a plain design.

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